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Season 3: Casino Royale was the third installment hosted by Season Longterms.

16 houseguests will be battling it out for a grand prize of 1,000 robux and the runner-up will get 250 robux.

Season Three premiered on 4th May 2019, and ended on 15th June 2019, with ratioli winning against basicdanieI in an 8-1 vote. The season's theme is "Casino Royale" and the season's twist is "Roulette".

Productions favourite was declared to be iiBriskSpxniel. America's favourite houseguest was declared to be Lhemonade.


  • This is the first season in which no houseguest walked or got expelled
  • This is the first season to have 3 players evicted in 1 session
  • This is the last season that features Alston as the host