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Season 2: Dungeon was the second installment hosted by Season Longterms.

16 houseguests will be battling it out for a grand prize of 1,000 robux and the runner-up will get 250 robux.

Season 2 premiered on 23rd March 2019, and ended on 27th April 2019, with RiyadkhattatALT1 winning against DxviousSapphire in an 8-1 vote. The season's theme is "Hogwarts Mystery" and the season's twist is "Teams".

Production favourite was declared to be EliseHeals. America's favourite player was declared to DreamDollh.

Cherry controversy[]

When Cherry was evicted. There was some rumors that Cherry was an alt. Thanks to research Seasons Longterms was able to identify that Season 1 houseguest TimesChronicle played as Cherry in the season. Times was permanently banned from the group aswell as his Cherry account. Because of this, Cherry was expelled from the jury and Murdo took his place in the jury.


  • Season 2 is considered as the most controversial season.
  • This was the first ever season to use battle backs
  • This was the first ever season to have 4 finalists
  • This is the only season in which the last pre-jury member was brought into the jury after a jury member was expelled
  • This is the first season to have someone expelled

Houseguests/Season placement[]