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Elliott was a finalist in Season 2: Dungeons


Elliott was advertised as "pretty much the reason why this cast reveal is happening right now!"

Week 1[]

Murdo won POV insuring full power and saved Cherry from eviction. Murdo named Elliott the replacement nominee. Elliott was evicted by a vote of 10-3

Week 4[]

Elliott returned to the game after defeating Ceapi, Emma, Kemira, and Max in 1 on 1 battle back challenges.

Week 7[]

Elliott wins the special Goblet power of veto and discards the power. Edward was evicted by a vote of 4-3

Week 8[]

Elliott wins his first HOH and nominates Tom and Jess. Jess wins POV and saves herself from eviction. Elliott names Kayla as the replacement nominee. Kayla is evicted by a vote of 4-2

Week 9[]

Slash wins HOH and nominates Elliott and Kaitlyn for eviction. Echo wins POV and saves Elliott from eviction. Slash names Jess the replacement nominee. Jess is evicted by a vote of 4-1

Week 11[]

Elise wins HOH and nominates Elliott and Echo for eviction. Elliott wins POV and saves himself from eviction. Elise names Tom as the replacement. Echo is evicted by a vote of 2-1

Week 12[]

Elliott wins his second HOH and nominates Elise and Tom. Elliott wins POV securing full power and discards the power. Elise is evicted by a vote of 2-0

Week 13[]

Slash wins POV and saves Kaitlyn from eviction. Elliott is then replaced as the only person who can be replaced. Kaitlyn must decide who to evict either Tom or Elliott. Kaitlyn chooses to evict Elliott.


  • Elliott is the first male to be evicted first from a season
  • Elliott is the first male to win every round of battlebacks
  • Elliott is the first male and person to win battlebacks
  • Elliott has the biggest comeback placement rise. Elliott was originally 16th. He returned and placed 4th
  • Elliott is the first person to not use an advantage
  • Elliott joined the production team of Seasons Longterms at the start of season 4