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Murdo is a houseguest in Season 2: Dungeon


Murdo was advertised as " the winner of BBS1, but is ready to step into the Big Brother House for a longer period of time!

Week 1[]

Murdo Wins HOH and nominates Cherry and Edward for eviction. Murdo wins POV and saves Cherry from eviction. Murdo names Elliott the replacement nominee. Elliott is evicted by a vote of 10-3

Week 4[]

Murdo wins POV and discards the power. Max is evicted by a vote of 7-2

Week 5[]

In a backwards week twist, the house nominates Echo and Murdo for eviction. Echo wins POV and saves himself from eviction. the house name Tom as the replacement nominee. Elise wins HOH and must decide to evict either Murdo or Tom. Elise chooses to evict Murdo.


  • Murdo is the only player to become a jury member without making it to the jury stage.