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Michael was a finalist in Season 1: Spring


Michael was known as the housemate who former owner Arillite underestimated. Michael showed us that even if someone predicts you are going out early, you can prove them wrong. Former owner Arillite was pleased that Michael proved her predictions wrong.

Week 7[]

Michael was nominated by Wes alongside Andrew. In the POV, Wes won the POV and discarded it. With a vote of 4-1 Andrew was evicted from the big brother house.

Week 9[]

Michael won his first ever HOH and decided to nominate Marsha, and Wes for eviction. In the POV, Kyle won the POV and saved Wes from eviction. Michael named Emma the replacement nominee. With a vote of of 2-2, Michael had to choose between Marsha and Emma to evict. Michael chose to evict Emma.

Week 10[]

Michael was nominated by Wes for eviction alongside Jean. In the POV Wes won the POV securing full power and discarded the POV. In the eviction ceremony, Jean was evicted by a vote of 2-1

Week 11[]

Michael was nominated by Neeva for eviction alongside Wes. In the POV, Michael won the POV and saved himself from eviction. Neeva named Marsha the replacement. In the eviction ceremony, Wes was unanimously evicted with 2 votes.

Week 12[]

Michael was nominated by Marsha for eviction, alongside Kyle. In the POV, Neeva won the POV and discarded the power. In the eviction ceremony. Neeva chose to evict Michael from the big brother house.


  • Michael is the first player to break a tie as HOH