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Kyle was a finalist in Season 1: Spring.

About Edit

Kyle was a houseguest who was beloved by the audience. He had no jury beef and was seen as the winner of Season 1. Kyle had a very strong social gameplay, which he used in order to progress in the season.

Week 1 Edit

Kyle won the POV and saved Neeva from eviction. HOH Emma named Kiki as the replacement nominee. Bali was evicted by a vote of 8-3-1

Week 6 Edit

Kyle and Kiki was nominated by Andrew for eviction. In the POV, Neeva won the POV and discarded it. Kiki was evicted with 5 votes to 1.

Week 12 Edit

Kyle and Michael were nominated by Marsha for eviction. Neeva won the POV and discarded it. Neeva chose to evict Michael sending Kyle, Neeva, and Marsha to the final 3.

Week 13 Edit

Kyle won the first part of the HOH insuring he will face the winner of part 2. Neeva won the second part and faced Kyle for the final HOH. Neeva won the final HOH which meant Kyle, and Marsha were nominated. In a sad moment. Neeva chose to evict Kyle knowing Kyle was most likely going to win big brother.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyle, Tom, and Aranxta are the only people to win part 1 of the final HOH and not win the final part
  • Kyle is the first person to win the POV
  • Kyle joined the production team of Seasons Longterms at the start of season 4
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