Aka: annabxlla Edit

Annabella was a houseguest in Season 3: Casino Royale

About Edit

Annabella was advertised as "Learn it, live it, love it."

Week 1 Edit

Annabella wins POV and saves Ethan from eviction. HOH Will names Zyon as the replacement nominee. Zyon is evicted by a vote of 11-2

Week 2 Edit

Logan wins HOH and nominates Brisk and Ethan for eviction. Brisk wins POV and saves himself from eviction. Logan names Annabella as the replacement nominee. Annabella is evicted by a vote of 11-1

Week 6 Edit

Arillite announced that all of the pre-jury houseguests will join the other houseguests in the HOH challenge which ever evicted houseguest last the longest will return to the game. Annabella lasts the longest and returns to the game.

Week 8 Edit

Brisk wins HOH. His twist is a double eviction. Brisk nominates Lhemon Bre and Annabella for eviction. Lhemon wins POV and saves herself from eviction. Brisk names Arantxa for eviction. Annabella and Bre are evicted by a vote of 4-2-0

Trivia Edit

  • Annabella and Zyon have the most votes to be evicted with (11)
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